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TEKS expertise set to help manufacturer’s effectiveness

posted 6 Jul 2010, 05:23 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 6 Jul 2010, 05:30 ]
A Rotherham based company has announced a range of solutions to help manufacturers improve the efficiency of their machining activities. 

TEKS is a French owned company whose UK base is at the AMP Technology Centre. The company is actively involved in process design and optimisation, project management, training and technology exploitation, and grew out an identified need to introduce greater levels of process optimisation to the aerospace supply chain.

Roland Krain, research and development manager at TEKS explains how their services can help companies increase their manufacturing effectiveness:

“Our involvement with organisations, from large multinationals to SME’s have helped us on many projects to deliver best practice solution for our clients, ranging from production cell layouts and 6- Sigma process improvement projects to specifying dedicated software solutions for manufacturing companies“

As part of their consultancy services TEKS offer two software solutions for manufacturers. CUTPRO® and SHOP-PRO® allow production engineers to analyse and optimise machining operations throughout the entire machining process, so improving efficiency and reducing production errors and scrap rates. 

TEKS are working with a number of European partners in the automotive and aerospace sector, including Avio, Daimler AG, DIAD Group and CRF(Centro Ricerche Fiat).

TEKS are also linking with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the Frauhofer Institute in Germany plus other commercial partners including Rolls Royce and Electrolux on a European FP7 project to improve factory layouts. This COPERNICO project will look at all factors of the production system in a holistic manner (machines, humans, and environment) and model the interactions. 

The emphasis will be on the use of virtual simulation to predict and eliminate potential problems before they happen. The project aims to create a modular factory layout system with a diagnostic and solutions toolkit, and demonstrate this system firstly in a virtual facility before implementation at both SME and major manufacturing facility.

TEKS website: