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Npower confirms benefits of VO4HOME device

posted 8 Mar 2011, 02:16 by RiDO Rotherham
A recent research report carried out by RWE Npower has concluded that an installation of an innovative energy saving voltage optimisation solution, developed in Rotherham could help reduce domestic electricity consumption.

The innovative VO4HOME device is designed to maximise the delivery of energy into the home to between 220V-230V. Currently the voltage supplied to homes by UK energy companies averages 242V, while electrical equipment in the home is designed to operate in the 220V-230V range. VO4HOME is the only domestic voltage optimisation system that is capable of optimising the entire home, not just selected circuits.  

The RWE Npower research showed that using the VO4HOME system, resulted in a 12% reduction in kWh electricity consumption, for a typical five bedroom detached residential property. The reduction equates to an annual electricity saving of approximately 600kWh, resulting in cost saving of £90 per annum and a CO2 emissions saving of 330kg per annum.

The VO4HOME system which relies on magnetic interaction, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. In addition, it delivers low impedance, high efficiency and comes with a five year warranty and guaranteed savings.

There are an estimated 27 million households in Britain, if each household were to be installed with a VO4HOME system, the UK as a whole would save between £2.7 billion and £4 billion each year on energy costs and reduce its carbon emissions by 9 - 13.5 billion lbs per year.

Geoff Clifton, business development manager at VO4HOME, commented;

“We have developed a product that will have a huge impact on the amount of carbon emitted by households across the UK. With a VO4HOME installed households can make tangible savings on their annual electricity bill, whilst helping to save the environment.”