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Rotherham’s EMS powers to success at Yorkshire Post Business Awards

posted 25 Oct 2011, 03:28 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 25 Oct 2011, 03:31 ]

Powerstar MAX,  which is specifically designed for sites with high levels of voltage fluctuation and volatility, won the prestigious award ahead of entries from fellow finalists Q8 Oils and Premier Farnell.

In addition to the energy saving and other benefits offered by EMS’s standard Powerstar system, the Powerstar MAX offers electronic-dynamic optimisation to ensure the optimum voltage is always supplied to a site. The new technology does not supersede the original Powerstar system but provides an alternative solution to businesses whose site characteristics are unsuited to fixed voltage optimisation.

Powerstar MAX can help companies save up to 26.1% on electricity consumption, as the dynamic new solution features advanced technology to automatically adjust voltage output and maintain it at the optimum level. This makes Powerstar MAX ideal for sites with critical equipment, such as hospitals or data centres, and sites which suffer from an unstable supply. In such cases businesses can achieve up to 50% more savings through the electronic Powerstar MAX system than any standard fixed voltage optimisation solution.

With worsening power quality issues nationwide and the average power supplied by the National Grid exceeding the recommended operating voltages - for much of the plant, as well as machinery and equipment used -  the launch of Powerstar MAX is particularly relevant in the UK as it optimises the voltage in line with the characteristics and loading of each specific site through electronic-dynamic variable reduction.

Powerstar MAX  boasts further benefits, including no maintenance requirements, protection against voltage spikes, independent 3 phase control - to provide voltage phase balancing -and an intelligent interface to track product and site performance in real time. 

Alex Mardapittas, managing director at EMS commented, “Powerstar MAX represents the next generation of voltage optimisation systems. Not only does it provide companies with a quick, easy to install solution for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, but our acclaimed, project led approach ensures that the optimum solution is always installed for every customer.”

Manufactured in the UK, Powerstar MAX is also the only voltage optimisation system in the world to be granted a patent on its design. EMS is the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of voltage optimisation systems, having already successfully installed solutions for Whitbread, Asda, the NHS, Transport for London, Holiday Inn and Mothercare, amongst others.