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Dinnington Comprehensive School students get a taste of Formula One

posted 17 Jul 2012, 06:05 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 25 Mar 2013, 09:22 ]
Technology students from Dinnington Comprehensive School have been given a taste of core design principles used in high performance design engineering, Formula One and other hi-tech industries, during a recent visit to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). 

The 24 engineering students were guests of Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd (PES) and the AMP Technology Centre, at the AMP in Rotherham. PES is a team of design and performance engineers, and technologists with extensive experience in many industry sectors including; Formula One, motorsport, Olympic sport, aerospace, medical technology and renewable energy technologies. 

During the visit organised by EDT, the students were introduced to PES Managing Director, Mike Maddock and Design Director, Dan Fleetcroft.  Both Mike and Dan shared their wealth of experience regarding the application of engineering materials and design, allowing the students to gain underpinning knowledge as part of their BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Engineering.

During the presentation the students were able to handle components, and discuss the application of materials such as, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre Composites, Sintered Aluminium and Titanium, to better understand why particular materials are selected for each task.  This enabled the students to understand the characteristics of materials, and they were given an insight into the latest manufacturing processes including Rapid Prototyping. 

Throughout the presentation Mike and Dan emphasised the importance of engineering development and how new technologies have led to the need for a new kind of engineer; worlds apart from the traditional dirt and oil engineering image.

Kevin Greensill, teacher of technology and engineering at Dinnington School commented; “The students had a fantastic day with PES and it culminating in a visit to Sheffield Hallam University, where they undertook problem solving tasks including the construction and testing to destruction of bridges. 

“Thanks to Mike, Dan and Sheffield Hallam University the students have had a great opportunity to experience what modern engineering is like in the real world. The students now have a greater understanding of the relevance of the content of the BTEC modules they undertake and how the knowledge gained will be applied when they become employed as engineers.”

PES’ Dan Fleetcroft added; “It was good to be able to show the Dinnington students what modern engineering involves and in particular the importance of material selection, as the introduction of new composite materials is changing the way that products are produced. 

“Students like these are our next generation of engineers and it’s important that they understand that today engineers are more likely to use a computer mouse than a spanner. However to become effective design engineers they must have an intimate understanding of core engineering and manufacturing techniques to ensure that what they design can actually be produced. 

“Our design team always apply the same principals, whether we are designing simple tooling for manufacture or working on a complex design challenge.”