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posted 29 Feb 2012, 03:08 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 1 Mar 2012, 05:19 ]
Companies with growth potential that want to raise investment can take advantage of Connect Yorkshire’s Investment Readiness Programme, a series of six free of charge workshops, which starts in March.

Chairman of Leeds City Region LEP Neil McLean last week commented on the need for companies to get professional advice before approaching banks for funding to help ensure success yet less than 20% do so*.   

Nick Butler chief executive of Connect Yorkshire the not-for-profit organisation which has helped over 300 high growth local companies raise £45m over the last decade: “We agree on the importance of being groomed for investment.  Over the last ten years we’ve seen companies become market leaders and fledging ideas turn into global brands - often these entrepreneurs and fast growing businesses may excel in their sector but need assistance in being ready and able to attract multi-million pound investors.  

These workshops help businesspeople develop skills to enable them to take their companies to the next stage of growth.”

The workshops are delivered by experienced professionals across the legal, financial, intellectual property and marketing sectors and run over a six week period, with early morning and evening events, with the first starting on 5th March until 25th April.

Organisations involved in helping Connect Yorkshire deliver the programme include Garbutt and Elliott, PKF Corporate Finance, 3volution LLP, Clarion Solicitors, Knowles Warwick Accountants and Ward Haddaway Solicitors; the workshops include:

-          Practical Business Plans and Going Global
-          Successful Management Teams
-          Intellectual Property Rights and Wrongs
-          How to create a leading brand
-          Effective Negotiation Skills
-          How to do a deal – Money, Valuations and Structures 

Companies wishing to join the programme can find out more by clicking here or by calling 0113 384 5640.