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Rotherham's International Incubator Project Draws Investment

posted 5 Jul 2012, 07:26 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 07:28 ]
Rotherham Investment & Development Office (RiDO) is celebrating the first success of the international Soft Landing Zone (SLZ) project, having secured the participation of a Polish healthcare company, with help from the BPCC.

The company, B & T Solutions Ltd, and run by Christopher (Krzysztof) Suski, provides services to UK citizens wishing to take advantage of the quality and affordability offered by Polish clinics especially in the fields of dentistry and cosmetic medicine.

Mr Suski found out about the SLZ project through the BPCC, and confirmed his UK business ambitions when SLZ delivered at a UKTI event to an audience of businesses in Warsaw, Poland. He had previously investigated London as an investment location but found it to be too expensive. By comparison, Rotherham is financially very attractive, only 150 miles/250km from London, thus enabling easy access to the same market.

RiDO was in Poland to explain the benefits and opportunities that could exist for Polish companies locating to Rotherham in terms of entering the UK market. 

The SLZ project , said RiDO's representatives, could help with set-up, hands-on mentoring support, as well as help with day-to-day business needs. The SLZ project offers international companies access to free office or workshop space in one of RiDO’s four business incubation centres for up to six months with up to £250-worth per month of free broadband/telephony during that period.

Initial support included an introduction to the region with assistance on accommodation; advice on business name; company registration through a local solicitor; UK market research including pricing suggestions, introductions to local networks and public sector contacts; and initial appointments with sales leads.

Mr Suski is now preparing to develop his marketing strategy by capitalising on the contacts made and the research undertaken during his initial visit. He remains confident that B & T Solutions Ltd will prove successful as it offers a complete package to UK clients including initial assessment, sourcing and booking accommodation and flights, through to quality treatment – and all at very affordable prices.

All benefits of the SLZ project are designed to help an overseas business integrate into the UK quickly and effectively. This includes assistance with researching the UK market, developing their product or service and identifying suppliers and customers, hopefully concluding with the company having a sustainable base in the UK from which to further develop their business.

Tim O’Connell, Business and Retail Investment Team Manager for RiDO said; "It was always a natural choice to choose Poland as our first international partner, given Rotherham’s established links with Poland.

"It is good to see the first success of the SLZ project coming from Poland and we continue to see opportunities for both Polish companies in the UK, and for our local businesses increasing their trade with Poland."

Joe Tunney, the BPCC's chief executive officer added; "It is a source of inspiration and promise for us to be able to partner with RiDO, one of the UK's leading business incubators, to create a landing zone for Polish start-ups in the UK. The chamber has been working with Polish entrepreneurs for many years and can see the benefit they bring the UK economy. RiDO proves that Britain is indeed open for business."

The RiDO Business Centres are the only business centres in England that have the National Business Incubation Association’s (NBIA) Soft Landings International Incubators designation, and offer an excellent location for companies to establish their operations in the United Kingdom.

The Soft Landing Zone project will provide a comprehensive array of services for investor companies. These include fully equipped modern office facilities, available on flexible easy-in/easy-out terms, and with full reception and admin support.